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A Tuscan Village Celebrates

Part of the charm of Italy is tradition and whether you are a Catholic or not the church is a very important part of the history.

Our little village of Benabbio in the hills above Bagni di Lucca is a thriving village full of young families but also steeped in the local traditions. We are one of the few villages to have a resident priest who is very much a part of his flock. The villagers therefore whether regular churchgoers on all pulled together to celebrate our village priest being bestowed the title a Monsignore and Canon of the Duomo, the Cathedral of Lucca.

All the locals clubbed together to buy the impressive crimson robes that had to be tailored by a special priest outfitters in Lucca. Our dear Don Mario is a modest man and had insisted that he didn't require the regalia but his followers insisted and by the smile on his face I think he was very happy they had. It was recognition from the community of a good wise friend and a well-loved priest.

I am not a Catholic but the…

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