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Chestnut Flour a Superfood Produced in an Ancient Way

This rather dark flour should be classed as a superfood if it isn't already. Chestnut flour is high protein, gluten-free and by default at least in our area biological. Here I hope Enzo explains why our local chestnut flour is worth the premium we pay.
Looking out of the windows of Le Mura our Tuscan country home the sweet chestnut clad hills with their stones villages snuggling between the trees dominates the near landscape: lush and green in summer and bare skeletons in winter. The woods seem as ancient and wild as the hills themselves but the chestnut forest is a testament to the cultivation of an earlier civilisation. The trees were planted because chestnuts were the staple diet of the mountain populations in the western part of Eurasia for millennia.

It seems that the Greeks introduced the Castanea Sativa into Europe and later the Romans and the mediaeval monastic orders propagated them. In Italy, the chestnuts were mainly ground into flour. Sadly the last commercial mill in …

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