Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shopping In Lucca at the Oldest Jewellery Store in Town

Lucca is often described as a jewel of a city and a little treasure in that crown is one of the beautiful jewellery shops, which could in itself be described as a FabergĂ© egg. The shop can be found in the middle of the main shopping street Via Fillungo. The shop goes under the name of “Carli”and is the oldest commercial establishment in Lucca and probably Tuscany.

The front of the premises unwraps in layers, each a bijou in itself. The wooden medieval doors open to reveal to large wooden sills on which are placed the ornate carved wooden cabinets displaying the gems. 

If you dare poke your head inside you will see the most beautiful frescoed vaulted ceiling. This building was acquired by the Carli family in 1655 and is still run by their descendants. The shop is now protected but was nearly destroyed under Fascism when the owners were ordered to modernise. Luckily the family stood firm and then the war came. The war destroyed so much but strangely saved this “bottega” (shop) in a time warp. The family were responsible for the setting of the jewels in crown of the magnificent  “Volto Santo” in San Martino cathedral in the city.

If you want a romantic gift for your loved one or a special present for a friend or yourself, this is the place to buy something very special with a little bit of history woven or should I say soldered in.