Friday, January 23, 2015

Lucca Summer Festival 2015

Lucca is now having its seasonal downtime when there are practically no tourists and the city returns to being a quiet backwater. The locals wander looking for bargains in the winter sales and meet for a coffee on a rainy day. I too have had a break from blogging but am now back full of enthusiasm to write about life in our little gem of a city and the surrounding hills.
On the corner of Piazza San Michele, formally the forum in Roman times, there may be no market or political banter on these cold winter days but there are large posters telling the citizens of the delights in stall for the Lucca 2015 Summer festival.

Italians are famous for living life in the piazzas of their cities and in the summer cities put on concerts to bring the crowds into the city in the evening. I love Lucca when there is electricity in the air and the expectation of the tickets holders and also those non-ticket holders who stand around the streets in huddles to listen to the music. This year Lucca is certainly pulling out the stops with famous names the likes of Robbie Williams, Mark Knopfler, Billy Idol, Lenny Kravitz and one of the grand old men of music Elton John himself. This will be I think the third time Elton has been to Lucca since I have lived here. Perhaps this year he will rent Le Mura villa and bring the family! Do you think I should suggest it? Seriously though many of our guests have enjoyed coming down from the hills for an evening of fun in Lucca during the summer festival. The city is buzzing and the locals who are not attending the concert stand around in the narrow streets and piazzas chatting and enjoying a free concert. Some enthusiasts balance on pillars and statues to try and get a glimpse of the performance. I always like to have a nose around the posh tour buses that await these stars, though I was less enthusiastic when I found a bouncer parked in a residents’ parking space!! However live and let live and how wonderful it is to see a happy peaceful crowd just out for a good time on a beautiful summer evening.

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Hope to meet you dancing and singing this summer in Lucca.