Bagni di Lucca and Lucca events in September

Le Mura villa Tuscany is a great place for a holiday even in the fall.There is a lot going on in Bagni di Lucca and Lucca as we all enjoy the softer light and cooler evenings.  The heated pool at Le Mura makes it perfect for swimming. Here are a few ideas:

Events Bagni di Lucca In September 2019

1st September

Flea market- Fornoli Piazza Aldo Moro

Vintage Car Rally- Ponte delle Catene. Fornoli / Chifenti

Perfect combination for a day out. Admire the vintage cars and pick up a bargain at the flea market. Don't forget to admire the wonderful world heritage bridge by Nottolini.

Concert -A free concert by the quartet "I solisti dell'OLB "with the soprano Rasalba Mancini in the English Church Bagni di Lucca.

9th September 
Antiquarian, Bric a brac and Craft Market-  Bagni di Lucca Villa

15th September

Historical Cross Bow Campionship- Villa Webb

 21-22 September 

Bagni di Lucca turns into the world of Pinocchio and his friends in puppet land. Musica and games for all ages

27th September

vintage car rally. Bagni di Lucca Piazza Jean Varraud.

29th September

Festival of the Strawberry Grape  (an ancient type of grape) with gastronomic stalls -Montefegatesi Piazza xx settembre

Events Lucca September  2019

September Lucchese:

September is a very important month in Lucca because of the Luminara  ( The Story of The Luminara di Santa Croce and "Volto Santo", Centre of Events of The September Lucchese.) this procession goes back over a 1,000 years as well as the procession on 13th September there events and historical markets including

As well as the procession there are many events in the city to enjoy.

  • Crossbow 16th 23rd and 30th  September San Michele Lucca
  • Flag throwing 8th /9th September
  • Flower show 7th to 9th
  • Historical Markets 14th 16th 21st 23rd 29th Borgo Giannotti, Lucca.

Montecarlo Wine festival 29th August to 8th September.

8th September- Ballon festival Lucca.


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