I Nearly Had a Prosecchino with a Celeb

I am in many ways an old fashioned kind of a girl. I have let my jowls sag naturally and am one of the few who walks down our local high street without plumbed up lips. When it comes to boobs I haven’t even gone as far as a padded bra but I do like a bit of glamour and therefore couldn’t miss the chance of sharing a prosecchino with the new Miss Italia. Italy like so many countries is obsessed with appearance and young girls will go to great lengths to get into showbiz and on television. It seems that looks are often more important than brains and being a “Miss” can lead to many opportunities. One of the presenters of the morning news program is an ex “Miss “ of course we mustn’t forget the most famous Miss Italia contestant of all time, Sophia Loren. I find it sad that in 2010 young girls still have to prance around in bikinis and be interviewed by people who are fully clothed. It somehow doesn’t seem very dignified.
Miss Italia here must have a certain cultural level though, as one of the compares of the program was Emanuele Filiberto the Italian Prince. Well he would be a prince and heir to the throne if Italy weren’t republic.

I don’t believe in being judgmental, so I happily joined the crowd to see Francesca Testasecca at the opening of a new local restaurant and anyway a free buffet in Tuscany isn’t to be sniffed at. The first thing I noticed was that the expectant crowd had a much higher young male contingency than normal. The tables were ready under the large umbrellas and were sagging under the weight of the buffet. The well-behaved locals all waited patiently for the newly crowned beauty queen to arrive with no one sneaking past the flowerpots to have first pick.

Eventually our patience was rewarded and “Miss Italia” elegantly alighted from the taxi looking like an old pro even though she was only crowned a couple of weeks ago. I was immediately disappointed as I had somehow expected her to be wearing her crown even though it looked hideous on the TV. After she was presented with a designer bouquet, a few stalks of architectural rather than beautiful flowers, she disappeared into the restaurant. It seemed we plebs wouldn’t be allowed to dine off the same table though I was astounded that the crowd still hadn’t jumped on the free food and drinks. My question was answered as flash bulbs started to click and then I could just see a sparking crown. I recalled this crown from a previous “Miss Italia” pageant, so perhaps you wear an older model for less formal occasion though I have to admit it looked the part and was much prettier than this years. She then stood on the threshold while we all snapped away giving us the feel that we were at a real celeb event. She then retreated again and the hoards descended on the food. I however hovered on the doorstep and was rewarded by being ushered in to gawp at the poor sweet girl who just kept smiling while being asked to pose with the elite guests. I must add she had now removed crown, it might have been an older model but it was certainly no fake.

My little eye was suddenly drawn to her ankle and I remembered that this “Miss” would remain famous for being the first tattooed winner.

I can’t give any view on the restaurant, as the only thing left when I reached the buffet was some Salami nevertheless I would like to wish the restaurant and this very modern “Miss” the best of luck.


  1. A fine observation of what contributes to Italy being Italy and being the richer for it.

  2. Hilarious observations and a hideous crown! Look at all those young mens' sneakers around her high heels. I would have actually expected more ridiculous shoes.
    I am enjoying reading your blog and having "met" another expat through the world of blog comments! You commented on my 1966 flood article - I'd love to know more about book restoration! A guest post on this - or something else art related - would be most welcome if you have time.
    Best regards
    Alexandra from Tuscany Arts


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