Carnival in Tuscany

The most famous carnival in Tuscany takes place in Viareggio. Ever since it was started in 1873 the carnival has used political satire and comment on the personages and stories of the moment as its theme. The procession is made up of floats with huge papier-mâché moving sculptures. These amazing structures are incredibly clever but for me it is the local carnival celebrations in the piazzas and villages where the children dress up and throw coriandoli/confetti while eating what the bars provide free making for wonderful impromptu street parties. 

Carnival Viareggio by Amaniero flickr
Animal prints were fashionable this year
As pretty as a bee
Even carnival has a medieval edge
Coriandoli gets everywhere
Puccini joins in the Fun 
The opera comes alive
One must adjust one headress
May You All Be Blessed
Watch Out Tiger and Croc on Board
Busy as a Bee
The Bikes must look good too
Zorro comes to the rescue
Would you like a drink?


  1. Carnevale always looks such fun, just such a shame it happens at this time of the year when it is so cold.


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