Viareggio Carnival 2012

These beautiful images of this years Viareggio Carnival where taken by Paul Sullivan a friend and great photographer from Brisbane Australia, who is spending a year in Lucca with his wife Michelle and their Tibetan Terrier Atticus.


  1. Lovely photos of the Carnevale Celia, what a shame that is has been so cold for the festivities this year though.

    1. cold !!!! we have just been over from england for it and the weather was marvellous. maybe 16-20 degrees and t shirt weather. all the locals were wrapped up in hats scarves and big coats. we thought it was fantastic weather !!!! the carnival is amazing though and we loved it. we will be back. oh and could u help us for future visits ? is there often rain in the area in february ? as we couldnt believe how lovely it was this past week. much thanks spike.

  2. Spike,
    I am so happy that you had such a great time at the carnival. You are quite right no Italian would be seen without a coat in February. The weather should be cold and sunny in February but like everywhere weather patterns in recent years have become much more unpredictable. At this time of year temperature also drops dramatically at night.

  3. Spike here who really wants to make a return visit to the carnivale, but im finding it difficult to get the exact dates from the net. some say it runs to march 3rd and others dont. also some sites say there is no carnivale on the 24th ??? anyone out there know the real dates for 2013. many thanks


  4. The dates carnevale 2013 are are 3th , 10th , 12th , 17th and 24th February


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