Tuscan Doors at Le Mura VIlla near Lucca Tuscany

Yesterday was one of those perfect June days warm but before that real Summer heat sets in. The garden at Le Mura our Villa near Lucca was looking just beautiful. While waiting for our guests to arrive I inspected the outside of the house and noticed how beautiful our doors were. Some are very old and even more magnificent for their rustic look.

I have already put lots of photos of my roses on the web but couldn't resist just posting a couple more!


  1. These photos simply took my breath away! Your roses are lovely! :)

  2. These photos are wonderful! I also like Italian arches...

  3. Che bellezza! Mai stata, ed รจ a pochi km da me...ciao, Arianna!

  4. These pictures look great, my favorite one is the last one; it just shows you how beautiful Tuscany really is. The family and I have been looking at some Tuscany Villa rentals to stay at because my grandparents are from there and we all have always wanted to visit where they lived. One of my friends went there recently and he told me how beautiful everything was there, so I'm really excited to get down there!


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