Sculptures in Piazza

I like this sculpture against San Michele Lucca

July is always a culturally active month in Lucca. The main Piazza is taken up with the stage for the Summer festival but the smaller piazzas this year have been filled with sculptures, now this happens every so often but I think some visitors are surprised that the works of art are not sculpture out of our most famous local raw material Carrara marble used through the centuries by the worlds most famous artists but cardboard.

 Paper is indeed a very important local industry and it is right that it should be celebrated in the provincial city however I think personally a little more quality control would haven’t gone a miss!!

I suppose as my career has been based on paper and glue I do rather hate messy edges with seeping glue marks !! 

To be fair some of them are amazing my favourites are the giant hand, head and mobile in Piazza San Frediano. The sculptures produce fun shapes and contrast in front of ancient buildings . The large hand and head are amazing operas done to a very high standard of craftsmanship. Lets just hope it doesn’t rain during the exhibition so the PVA finish doesn’t turn white like a few years ago. 


  1. Sei arrivata prima di me :) ciao, Arianna

  2. I like the dangling one.

  3. I don't like them .

  4. I like the fist but don't think Lucca is the right settings for these sculptures.


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