Lucca Comics 2013

The last three days Lucca has been invaded by more than 200,000 visitors dressed in strange, wonderful and sometimes scary costumes. Yes it was comics again. Here is a selection of characters; the protagonists love to pose but I prefer to catch them off guard, so here is  a medley of pics that I took as I was wandering through the throng.


Now the festival of comics is over Lucca's gets ready for winter and the city is returned to its residents.  


  1. Fantastic photos Celia! Anyone who is thinking of going to Lucca for the Comic Festival, just do it. But book in advance, it is no longer the best kept secret. If you can't get in for the Comics, go for the Summer Music Festival. Actually, just go any time of year.

  2. Hope you back to Lucca very soon!


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