Dining on the walls of Lucca

This evening as the air started to move at the end of a hot day I had a sudden desire to take an early evening constitutional. I put on my trainers and headed as I often do for the famous ‘Le Mura’ walls of Lucca. I had completely forgotten the significance of this ordinary Friday. I was a little nonplussed to hear the beating of the drums and the sight of the flag throwers in processions with archers and then surprised to find my normal circuit interrupted by what appeared like a low level billowing white cloud hovering like a white river for two kilometres.

 On closer inspection along one side was a line of rather incongruous designery perspex chairs rather more suitable for a fashion boutique than ‘al fresco’ setting. The date then came to me. This evening was the long awaited world record for the longest table. A menu based on tomatoes prepared under the eyes of a famous Lucchese chef to be served to 2,000 people who unlike me had been together enough to buy their tickets in time. The lucky diners would also be served a special commemorative wines produced by local vineyards. Food wine and dining under the stars must be a good way to continue the celebrations of Lucca’s famous ‘Le Mura’ .


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