Summer Fun in Lucca including dancing on the walls of San Michele

August 23rd was Lucca’s “Notte Bianca”. Museums stayed open until midnight, many free and there were concerts and events in all the piazzas. We were warned no one would sleep. Therefore there was nothing for it but to launch myself into the heaving crowd in the piazza below.
However being a bit of a party pooper, I decided to go to a free concert given by the string orchestra from the Conservatoire. The music was soothing and I was soon lulled by the mellow sound of beautiful string playing. The final "presto" movement from a divertimento by Mozart however put  enough energy in my step to face the fun. Before doing any more culture I felt in need of a little sugar therefore I stopped off at Pinelli, an historical pasticceria (cake shop) for a little naughty of a almond cake topped with chocolate ganache. On exiting we bumped into friends who reminded us that ballerinas where about to dance on the walls of San Michele.
We entered the piazza just as two pairs of sexy high heels on the end of the most beautiful toned legs appeared. Two dancers dressed in red then danced hanging off ropes as though the marble wall of this ancient church was a dance floor. How they didn’t trip on protruding masonry is a mystery but what a backdrop for movement and music.

There is a legend about how no human could have put the glistening rock on San Michele (that is another post) but I reckon these two dancer could have do so without problems.


  1. Amazingly spectacular! Would have loved to be there with you Celia to see this in beautiful Piazza San Michele. Also have just seen the first photos celebrating 500 years of the magnificent


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