A Weekend in a Lucca Piazza with High Fashion and Puccini

Piero Ricci just like Karl Lagerfield culminates his show with a bridal gown 

I thought I would have a weekend in the office catching up after a whirlwind visit to London, anyone who has been to my city of origin knows how London buzzes these days, so the idea of a quiet weekend working next to the open window looking out onto the piazza below wasn't an unpleasant thought. However my good intentions to put my life in order was almost put on hold as I discovered that my window was equal to the best seats for the Atelier Ricci fashion Show. Piero Ricci is Lucca's very own Karl Lagerfield. His Ateleir is in one of the many beautiful frescoed palazzos which backs onto our piazza. He is therefore a common sight in our piazza either in the bar drinking a quick coffee or rushing in to buy something in the haberdasher's. In the bar he is always cheerful first thing in the morning and like Karl Lagerfield always dresses in black. His clients are from the best circles and even includes Royals. I found people watching as much fun as that of the week before at the London fashion week even though the scale was rather more intimate but I imagine the coffee from the surrounding bars rather better.

On Sunday morning I tried again to settle at my desk but my attention was drawn by an all male choir singing folk songs under my window as I took a peep I noticed one of Puccini's elegant cars parked in front of his effigy.  A beautiful bouquet had been left on the running board and a red rose at the maestro's feet.

I have left the big city but life in this Lucca Piazza is equally thrilling.


  1. What an amazing setting for a fashion show!

  2. Wow Celia! What you see from your window! Fantastico!

  3. Purtroppo ho mancato questa manifestazione...ero da un'altra parte! Bel reportage, ciao, Arianna

  4. Thanks for the great read. I’m getting “Reise Fieber” as they say in German, just watching the gorgeous pictures … such a beautiful world !


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