Lucca Halloween Half Term Break ( Lucca comics 2014)

Tuscany is a popular destination for half term particularly for those from the UK hoping to hang on to a bit of warmth and extra evening light for another week before snuggling into big jerseys for winter. However those who choose Lucca for a destination might find an unexpected type of tourism as on the first weekend of November strange galactic creatures, comic strip and video game characters prowl the ancient streets and piazzas and strut their stuff on the walls.


  1. Ai Comics non ci vado mai, non li amo e non sopporto la foto che preferisco รจ quella con la chiesa e la mongolfiera! Oltre al giovanotto sorridente :) Ciao, Arianna

  2. Great photos Celia. Look at all the people in Piazza San Michele!!! Must be pretty warm judging by the bare midriffs and shirtless men.

  3. How stunning halloween event photos!! Those costumes are terrific. I loved watching these pictures. I wish I could also attend such stunning Halloween event at the domestic Los Angeles venues. Anyway, thanks for the photos.


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