Parking in Lucca Tuscany

Guests at Le Mura Villa are always asking me about parking in Lucca city. I can understand the difficulty of unravelling the meaning of the different coloured lines and flashing lights of restricted zones.  I started out to write a complicated post listing all the car parks and then found that the city’s parking company have a brilliant site that will lead you to the best car park for the area you would like to visit with the prices. The site also gives information on restrcietd areas and what to do if you have a disabled permit and to boot, can also be used in English and decent English at that. So well done Metro and here is the link

However I will also give you a few useful hints on the colour codes of the lines and the meaning of the lead light screens. Blue lines mean you pay and the nearer the city the more expensive. White lines means the bays are free and yellow lines are for residents. These colours apply to Lucca and are not not national for example in Florence white lines are for residents so be careful!

Also Lucca like many Italian cities have ZTL area this stand for Zona traffico limitato  in other words you need permission to go into this area. For those staying in B&Bs or hotels you can ask them to register your number so that you can drop your luggage off, however this doesn’t apply to flat rentals. To mark these ZTL area there are screen which when turned on read "varco attivo". Don’t go pass these screens as there are cameras and you get a fine every time you pass a camera. I hope this makes things easier but it is not as complicated as it sounds and is quite clear when you are on the spot.  Enjoy your day in Lucca, you might also like to look at our one day itinerary    and other posts on this beautiful city see Lucca tab above / link 


  1. Thank you this is really useful. I was wondering about parking in Lucca . We are looking forward to our visit and good to know we can drop the luggage off at our hotel.

  2. Sally , enjoy your stay in our city

  3. Thank you , very useful info.

  4. I am so excited and looking forward to our visit. The information on parking and walking in Lucca will be so helpful. Thank you!


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