San Miniato White Truffle Fair

San Miniato is a beautiful medieval village perched on a hill between Pisa and Florence on the Via Francigena. This little gem would be worth a visit at any time of the year but San Miniato has more than artistic and architectural treasures. Its hills hide what could be described as the caviar of the soil, white truffles. These underground fungi are a gastronomic luxury and a mere shaving on a dish creates a unique taste and adds a fortune to the bill.

For the last forty years San Miniato shares and celebrates its strange underground jewel in a festival of Truffles. During these weekends the air hangs heavily with the aroma of truffles and you can buy any type of truffle delicacy from cheeses and salami  flavored with truffles to the virgin fungus itself.    
The Fair runs for the weekends of  12th /13th November 19th/20 November 26th/27th November,   and 3th/4th December.

What I love about this festival is it is for the locals and everyone is there to enjoy themselves and celebrate this extraordinary fungus with reverence and respect. All the truffle hunters nurture the ecology so that this prized rarity can still grow.

How to arrive at San Miniato.
It is just off the Firenze- Pisa -Livorno state road exit marked San Miniato .
There is also a train station in San Miniato Basso.


  1. Purtroppo finora non ci sono mai'essere interessante! Ciao, Arianna

  2. We definitely must try & get to this in Nov 2019. Let's make a date.


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