Lucca Centre Of The World

Lucca this week became the hub of the world as the chosen city for the meeting of the G7 foreign ministers. The walls of this beautiful city must have seemed like a good natural security ring to protect our auspicious guests. The city wasn’t totally united in their welcome to the G7,  as residents were forced to move their cars out of the city and show passes or documents to reach their homes as large tracts of the city were cordoned off. 

Bars and businesses closed and lamented the loss of customers but for those of us allowed into the area, we had a unique Lucca experience.The only customers at the few bars open inside the cordon where policemen after a quick pick me up during their pause. The deserted city full of police felt rather eerie and the seagulls swirled around in menacing agitation disturbed by the drones. 

The weather was perfect and on Monday evening after 2 hours discussing the big issues of the moment in the beautiful setting of Il Palazzo Ducale, the ministers were given the chance of a quick walk around the city. They could enjoy the almost deserted streets and piazzas under the most beautiful evening light.

We can only hope that the architectural beauty of our city helped them come to wise decisions. 



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