Lucca, A Bicycle For Every Trade.

Anyone need A Wedding Photograph.

Lucca is a city of bikes, I think this is a purely practical decision on the part of its citizens as cars are banned except for residents from the old town. It seems bikes have been a trendy way of getting around for a long time and we have lost some of the best models. Previous generations adapted bikes  for every profession. During one of the large markets in the Borgo Giannotti, here was a line up of historic bikes.

Milk Bicycle

Knife Sharpener

A priest on a Bike and Sweet Delights

Anyone Need A Lamp ?

A Fresh Cup Of Coffee or Bicycle Repair 



  1. Oh my gosh Celia, these bikes are wonderful! Please tell me they are still there and I can go see them?

  2. A Borgo Giannotti? Non ci sono andata, ma queste bici le ho già viste :) ciao, Arianna


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