Shopping in Viareggio for boats (I wish)

I love a trip to the coast at any time of the year but in winter a choppy sea and magical light of a looming tempest create a sense of excitement despite being married to a sailor and being more than aware of the power of a storm.

The other day we had to go to Viareggio to pick up some beach chairs so afterwards we couldn't resist the idea of a bit of dreaming retail therapy: cruiser shopping. Being a shabby chic sort of person I prefer the old wooden yachts but  my sea captain husband notes that the bright shiny new fiberglass motor yachts are much easier to maintain even though we both agreed that we are old romantics and that the gleaming slick line of the moderns boats doesn't match the beauty of the old wooden ones.

There is something romantic about all boats perhaps it is the expectation of a journey. I love walking through the boat yards and seeing these magnificent structure coming to life it is wonderful.

There are boats wrapped up. Imagine receiving a gigantic parcel and opening it only to discover a mini ocean liner inside!

if you are one of those lucky people who already mess about in boats you can buy anything to add more luxury or more practical necessities required to keep your beast afloat.

In winter the boats are all parked up and only the crews are there keeping the vessels in tip-top condition ready for a call that the owners are on the way.

It is good that Viareggio is thriving in this competitive industry and building these wonderful boats to sail the world.

As we walked back to the car the skies started to open and a double rainbow appeared: pure magic.


  1. Che bello, adoro le marine e i velieri! Ciao, Arianna


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