Honeymoon Destination for Kate and William is Lucca?

This morning while rushing through Lucca on my way to the bar for my morning caffeine fix my eyes were arrested by the above announcement on the billboards. Have I beaten the British press and got my first news scoop.
Certainly Kate or Catherine Duchess of Cambridge as she must now be addressed,  has a connection with this area as she studied history of art in Florence during her gap year. Prince Charles, as I have mentioned before has called Lucca the most beautiful city in the world. Camilla has also holidayed in this area and Princess Margaret also graced Lucca. Therefore with all these Royal connections a Villa in the hills near Lucca would be a perfect way to finish their honeymoon. It seems that the American journalist, Alan Friedman has offered his beautiful villa. As a local I can guarantee there is no more romantic place to spend your honeymoon and they can certainly enjoy wonderful food and toast their love with a prosecchino while watching the sunset over the Tuscan hills.


  1. are you going to try to hunt them down and meet them!?

  2. Isn't it lovely that the Italians take such an interest in 'our' Royal family, as in this post and the last one! As a matter of interest we stayed near Lucca on our honeymoon :)

  3. Lindy, I think the Lucca area is a wonderful destination for a honeymoon.

    Anna, I would like to reassure Kate and William that I haven't joined the ranks of the paparazzi.

  4. Wouldn't it be great if you bumped into them while getting your morning coffee! You never know...


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