Italian Easter Eggs

Easter eggs in Italy can only be described as extravagant. The packages lead one to believe that the egg will add at least two dresses sizes. The huge fanned tops of the packaging denote opulence and some how joy. I love these exotic objects and my heart always leaps into spring when I see the bars and chocolate shops crammed with these fantasy sculptures. Now I come from a family of chocoholics so the temptation to gorge on these delights having just shed the winter pounds by pruning the olive trees is high. This pleasure could truly be indulged when my daughter was small but now she is a teenager and a ballerina. 
Discipline has been forced onto me. The good side of this is that I don’t need to hide for the first two months on the beach but that longing to devour the chocolate hasn’t disappeared.

The other joy of these magnificent concoctions is the surprise secreted inside the egg. In the UK we have Christmas crackers but here, in Italy we get this thrill at Easter. The exhilaration of taking a rolling pin and smashing the elegant egg can’t be underestimated.

So all that remains is to wish  you a very Happy Easter .


  1. Amazing aren't they, I saw a huge one the other day for 35 Euros!!

    Buona Pasqua

  2. i grew up with the Italian Easter Egg and tradition carried to my daughter and nieces. How I love it.


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