Beautiful Montecatini Spa Plays Host To Italy’s Beautiful Girls For Miss Italia 2011

photo Rich-B-S on Flickr

This year’s rules to enter the Miss Italia Pageant reads more like the entry requirements for the Renaissance Women Competition. The new Miss must be a truly rounded lady, the sort that one is more likely to meet in the pages of Jane Austen or Henry James than on a modern catwalk.
The days of the brash, dare I say it, slightly vulgar Miss with huge blown up boobs and even last years winner with her tattoos are over. The new Miss must be modest, educated and beautiful. Below are the ten requirements that the most beautiful girl in Italy must posses:

Must not be a showgirl.
Must be well-informed and read newspapers and magazines and not just the gossip columns.
Must read at least 3 books a year.
Better size 44 (USA 14, UK 16) than too thin.
Dress modestly.
No obvious plastic surgery like boobs and lips.
No piercing or tattoos.
No heavy makeup or coloured contact lenses.
No too overlong or bright nails.
Only moderate us of Mobile and SMS. 
Artistic talent will also be taken into consideration.

Three finalists have already been thrown out after the judges saw photos of them in risqué poses.

Sophia Loren, the Queen of all Miss Italia’s is surely the perfect example of beauty and brains, though I fear she too has been a little too tempted by the alchemy of the plastic surgeon in recent times to please this year’s judges.

UPDATE : 2oth September 2011
The winner of Miss Italia 2011 is Stefania Bivone ( Miss Calabria) She is a size 44( US 14, UK 38) and her favourite book is A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.


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