Summer Fruits From My Tuscan Garden at Le Mura

I read blogs and wonder at the writers' energy and organisational skills. Not only do they sit at computers producing well-turned phrases but work and look after their families and produce wonderful homemade products. I admit to being lazy and sinking onto the sofa of an evening with a book instead of turning the bounty of our land into wonderful things. However this year thanks to a generous harvest at le Mura and a dear friend staying, the producing became a social event, so we really got it together. Our guests at Le Mura and the wild boar just couldn’t even make a dent into our large crop of figs so with a bit of mixing a matching of recipes we produced what I think is the most amazing fig and ginger jam. In my opinion the ginger and cinnamon really added that je ne sais quoi quality. We were further boasted in our endeavours when we realised the price per kilo for figs in the local shop is nearly 8 Euros

The walnuts have also been incredible and now on a run, we have been determined that the boar and the squirrels will share them this year. My daughter is not too certain about the stain on her hands but the prospect of a chocolate and pear tart soon puts any complaints aside. The pears too just keep coming and are served with cannella (cinnamon) at breakfast but the most popular use of our produce is my husbands divine wild peach sorbet.

Never again will I be lazy but hey we need a bigger freezer!


  1. Those figs look amazing.

  2. I am astonished at the price of the figs, we have had the most amazing crop this year.


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