Designer Clothes Market, Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany

Forte di Marmi is known as a ritzy resort. The bagni on the beaches look like hotel lobbies in the sand and the clientele are the rich and celebs. Forte di Marmi claims amongst its residents, Giorgio Armani, Andrea Bocelli and Roberto Benigni even the Italian prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia has been spotted cycling around the resort. Here the souvenir shops are Prada, Armani and Gucci and Ferraris and Porsches outnumber Cinquecentos.

On a Wednesday morning however mere mortals not trying to catch a glimpse of their favourite celeb converge on the place because it is market day. Forte di Marmi being a designer sort of a place has a huge designer market. Here you don’t just find cheap tat but cashmere and D&G. It takes a little adjustment to see prices of 100 of euros plus in a market but I am assured by devotees of this market that great bargains can be found. Personally I am the kind of girl who likes to rummage in the 5 Euro pile to discover my designer bargain, but my teenage daughter and I had a fun morning. The Neapolitan husband was kept distracted by taking photos! Just remember that if you sit-down for a coffee in one of the bars you will pay designer prices!

Good hunting!

Mercato del Forte:
Every Wednesday also Sunday from Easter to 30th September


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