Lucca Summer Outdoor Cinema

I am a dreamer and romantic by nature and love the movies, but modern multi screens have rather removed the magic from a night at the flicks. I partly blame the swirly carpets. Here in Lucca the cinemas are rather old and for the beauty of the buildings we certainly suffer on the high tech stakes. However in the summer cinema going returns to its heyday with the outdoor screen. The setting, in the wonderful gardens of Villa Bottini, reminds me of the scenes of Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner.  

On a hot summer evening what a perfect way to practice your Italian (all the movies are dubbed) or steal a kiss in the back row and its even eco saving on all that air conditioning!

Every evening until 4th September, Villa Bottini Lucca at 21.30 tickets 5 Euros concessions 4 Euros.


  1. So much more fun than sitting in a stuffy cinema, I have not seen any in our area though, what a shame. :(


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