Il Cameron Tuscan Dream

Tuscan scene  by baked beans on flickr

Oh Buoy! What a storm in a cappuccino cup we have had this week. It seems poor David Cameron has been under fire from the world’s press over a trip to a bar during his Tuscan sojourn. Not that I am a supporter of any politician but really give the guy a break. He goes to the bar, orders a couples of cappuccini and a café without noticing or not being able to distinguish punters from hanger-ons. He asks the barmaid to bring his order to the table. Seems to me normal holiday behaviour. I mean to say he wasn’t asking for a Jack Daniels at 11 o’clock but then the poor barmaid, overcome by the crowd and too busy to look her client in the eye, asked if he can carry it himself. Being a decent kind of a chap he pays and goes to his table, happy to smile for the paparazzi.  But oh no, a British spy noted he paid the exact amount, no tip. Shock horror, the guy is tight. Look British press don’t show your ignorance. Here in Tuscany you don’t tip at the bar. He carried the cups. He paid the correct amount for a coffee at the bar. If had had been served at the table the bar have the right to charge higher prices and the client usually leaves a tip. So Mr Cameron you deserve an apology, you got it right. In Naples yes, you would tip at the counter but here NO.

Photo by la  Repubblica Firenze

The Italian press however couldn’t be left out and berated the bad manners of the barmaid Francesca Ariani for not serving her illustrious client. She therefore has created a special dessert in the way of an apology. “Il Cameron Tuscan dream”, layers of Caffè, the famous local fortified wine Vin Santo, delicious Tuscan Cantuccini biscuits.

Photo by la  Repubblica Firenze

Cameron did his bit too and returned to the bar, to be served and guess what, he also left a whopping tip. The waitress and the politician were seen hugging for the cameras too.
So now that the diplomatic incident has been righted with a smile and the Tuscan tourist industry saved. Cameron however has now had to return to London to sort out more serious problems.


  1. Poor man is not even able to have a peaceful holiday, for it now seems more than one reason. :(


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